Mission Statement

It is the mission of Yerty Auto Service and Parts, Inc. to provide high quality used auto parts and services at an economical and competitive price.

Brief Overview

Yerty Auto Service and Parts, Inc. started out as a small 3-stall body shop in Brooks Mills, PA by Carl W. Yerty in 1948. In 1954, Carl moved Yerty's to its current location on Route 36 and acquired a salvage yard to go along with the garage. The business slowly progressed into a used auto parts dealer in addition to the body and mechanical shops. The next large addition to Yerty's came in 1990 with the purchase of the quarry. In 1992 the steel warehouse was constructed to store used auto parts. From 1996 to 1999, excavation on level 3 of the yard was performed. This new level provided over 300 new car stalls. In 2002 Yerty's again underwent excavation to construct the 4th level of the yard. These excavations were completed by the end of the year. The 4th level exceeded the size of the 3rd by being able to hold over 400 cars. In 2003, a fire destroyed the main office building along with the mechanical and body shops. A new state of the art building was constructed within the year and Yerty Auto Service and Parts, Inc. resumed normal operations. However, this is not the only hardship that Yerty Auto Service has endured. On March 19, 2000 Carl's youngest son Jay Yerty was killed in an automobile accident and on January 3, 2004 Carl's wife Ruth Yerty passed on due to an extended illness. Despite all of these setbacks Yerty Auto Service has remained one of the premier dealers of used auto parts in Central Pennsylvania. As well as provide services for the surrounding communities.

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